Sailing! / by Stephen Ball

I was out on the water at the weekend (Sun 17th) to take some photos for a Client who runs a Sailing School in Gibraltar.  They have 3 yachts and we had all 3 out in the Bay on Sunday morning for the photo shoot.  It was a beautiful morning - clear blue skies and a light breeze.  Sea conditions were fairly calm and the visibility was pretty good thanks to a nice Westerly airflow.

As usual, I was shooting with the Nikon D800, with the Tamron 15-30mm wide-angle and Nikon 24-70 lenses.  The bright sunshine allowed me to shoot comfortably at ISO 100 or 200 and, with apertures of f/5.6 or f/8 in general, I was getting a nice fast shutter speed (around 1/1000) so that there was no motion blur in the pictures given that the yachts were moving.

We took a number of shots of the other 2 yachts as they went through their paces in the Bay.  Eventually, there was enough wind for one of the yachts to hoist a fantastic red, white and blue Spinnaker or 'cruising chute' sail which looked fantastic against the azure blue sky.  We positioned the boats so the Spinnaker was well lit by the sun and with the iconic Rock of Gibraltar in the background.

We also took a number of shots for the Client's website, including photos of the other yachts with the crew sat along the side, plus yachts at anchor and displaying the correct 'at anchor' black ball, along with some internal shots of the yacht interior.

While we were out in the Bay, we were also treated to a free dolphin display - there were plenty of dolphins playing around our boat and I've attached a shot below along with a few of the sailing shots for you to see.

All in all, it was a fantastic morning and I would like to thank Clive and Olly at Jolly Parrot Sailing ( ) for looking after me so well.